TGIN Styles: Trimming Natural Hair

When you go natural, you’ll find your hair will grow to much longer lengths, because its not being damaged/altered by a chemical relaxer. Although your natural ends may be in better shape, it’s always good to give them a good trim every two to three months because your ends can become dried and frayed, which makes combing/styling your hair difficult.  Your hair will also start to look dry and extra brassy if your ends are not trimmed regularly. Trimming your ends can make combing your hair easier. Some naturals even report that cutting off 1-2”of their relaxed ends helped their natural hair to grow faster.

You can trim your hair at home like Rustic Beauty or you can opt to go a salon and have it done. At a salon, they will most likely blow your hair out, so they can get a more precise cut, but Rustic Beauty’s method works as well. I do recommend going to a salon ever so often, just so you can get a second opinion the health and overall quality of your hair. I live in Chicago, and I personally love going to Hair Cuttery in Greektown on Halstead for my trims. Click here to see photos. 

For more natural  hair youtube videos, check out my list of faves by clicking here or you can subscribe to our youtube channel, where you’ll find are top 100 favorite natural hair tutorials for all hair types.

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